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    As Australia’s peak professional body for environmental educators, we advocate for environmental education and contribute to skills development to help you stay at the forefront of education for sustainability. We provide a network for the growing force of cross-sector environmental educators across our states and territories.

    Costa Georgiadis is an ambassador of AAEE NSW. Hear why he supports us.



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    Join Australia’s peak professional body for environmental educators for:

    • Discounted conferences, workshops and seminars
    • Opportunity to deliver and participate in professional learning
    • The latest research in the Australian Journal of Environmental Education
    • Monthly environmental education industry news
    • Quarterly member publication, ozEEnews
    • Quarterly Learning Circles, member group forums
    • Participation in your local chapter or branch
    • Access to our private Members site for industry resources
    • A voice at state and federal governments

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    AAEE relies on donations to continue our ‘Working for Sustainability’ agenda.
    Make a donation today for a specific activity, chapter or branch that you care about.

    What our members say

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